Poetry for Yah and surrounding life's circumstances

Titus 2:1-5 Psalm 32:7 Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah

Poems of Yah's Kingdom, by DelaYah

Trust in Him

Begin it with the measure accorded to you
take it to the Father who has called me too
His nevi speak of Him and you all know
Yahshua the Righteous who steals the show

He says to follow Him and believe that He's fam
If you put your trust in Him you will see I am
Knowing who is with Him discrimating wisely
You too can have spiritual treasures, oh so timely

The great wonders He has done as told of old
If I had been there, living so bold
It'd be said of me wherever I could've
The look in my eye as I spoke of, the story I told

The light of the soul are the eyes of all
Peering and staring, gazing and leer
All the while inside I am full of cheer
Please look into the window and see
Yahshua inside waiting for ya'll
Today or tonight makes no differnce at all

He is there for you and will be so happy
when you call for Him and he takes up your plea
Who would have thought when I've reached such a low
There'd be someone, anyone there, waiting for me
To me it made no sense that the Words were for me
but when I felt His comfort, felt His love 'twas easy to see.

So shema ya'll and you'll have a plan
to get help from above and know the Man
He's waiting right now for your rescue call
and will send His son despite it all

He is not busy as some would assume
He's ready and able to save you from doom
So look into His wonderful Word
do not forget that which you've heard
Put it in motion and make it your own
soon you will get it and not be overthrown

Seeking the Kingdom

I've got a place in mind
put in by a new friend of mine
I've been seeking a chest above
To get filled with the Fathers love

Since I have put Him in my mind
He has put me first in line
to pull a chest from rocky mountain
without a return to where I've been

I've been put in a slam duel
In the month of Elul
With a friend I have not met yet
To which I am sure there will be no regret

So I wait yet a short while yonder
The days growing shorter and the nights getting longer
Ethanim 'round the corner and all the while during
I've not had such joy in all the enduring

So yet a little while, and then comes the King
for it is written, when the Shofar shall sing
He will be seen, with a beautiful white sheen
One who I know will be seen, to expect
He is Mighty and Strong and has earned our respect.

To Him I will gladly introduce
all those who begin to deduce
The wonderful news of a treasure on high
when I began and put in I was much more nigh

Sitting on a throne, up high and low
Has come to nether, where google can't go
He has made friends with me
so I can tell others of how he delivered me

So my title it waits for to extract it
while my title has always left me detracted
I can't help but cry aloud and shriek
I was empty and depleted and He saved me up a creek

Glory to Yah

I'm a simple man, even a proliteriate
who went to another state with my commissariat
walked up a huge mount upon both sides
where the hint was hidden and the things that it hides
I had gone a separate way but not on the top
to bring water and victuals for the team who didn't stop

across all the way and seemly quite dismayed
but a hero was made and a precious life 'twas unscathed
the thrill was a long one but quick some may say
the 3 + 1 had made it and found the right way
the secret the mountain held would now be passed
along with the hint and the thrill far from ghast

When I knew it was clear the prize was sure in my ear
I made up my mind who had led me where was here
Perhaps a diminished confidence of getting it right
caused a continual feeling of terror and fright
that the words of my mouth would bring Him due glory
for without His guidance there would surely be no story

To Him have I looked and to this cause am I here
that the whole world might know it was because of Yah's cheer
My eyes they were guided by the wind we can't see
when it gusts a mute report it is clear to me
though an old crony had told me my way was obscured
'twas the same guidance that me had before delivered

The time it was clear that my sin was remaining
'til the occasion of admission and due compensating
to a man I had offended who to me was benign
was all the while pernicious with little a sign
My eyes were not in on the quips they had told
of a depraved naive boy who was 30 years old.

With implicit revelation my heart slumped and stood still
while maintaining the instructions which were always His will
To the Helplessly Antogonistic I clandestinely admitted
the life I had led was less than submitted
My dreams were diminished and the life near extinguished
but the Savior of the planet my soul has replenished

Thoughts and motives

What is this my latest motive
continually nagging on my cortex route
Traveling like a sluggish locomotive
pulling and yanking my thoughts throughout

An idea is how they refer to it
Plotting quietly behaves this man
from the depths of joy and wit
tugging me under to listen to the plan

The proposal is not yet known
hidden inside are many conventions
From the beginning of time man has shown
the desire to understand anothers intentions

Angels also have sought to know
how the mans brain it functions
whether searching fast or slow
what causes these odd compunctions

Wow this subject is complex indeed
How the brain to all it unites
sends its waves at lightning speed
Emotions flourishing while it cites

The answer to know which route to choose
lies within your very own soul
along with your actions, win or lose
compelling one to achieve their goal

The path to unity

Is there built in me
an ancient chemistry
For when I disagree
with a friend I see

Something like a bond
That makes us strong
Smiles have we donned
We heard it in a song

When two are like one
Then they are strong
Friendship again won
Go ahead, sing along

If motives are correct
We two will abscond
Leaves us circumspect
Our follicles not awned

When two are in disagreement
and we don't point a finger
How small is the whole argument
Our thoughts shall not linger

We two are surely phlegmatic
Our talks never turn haematic
Not so dramatic but surely pragmatic
These notions should be systematic

Poems by other authors to Yah's Kingdom

The seventh's for me

Your heavenly soul if you've got the time
I'd like to mention a new friend of mine
He told my this day that you changed your mind
the 7th day's not your day, you gave a different time

But Father? Could that be true? It's hard to bevieve?
Becasue You hallowed the Sabbath day for all eternity!
When You finished Creation and Adam and Eve
You said in six days shall work be done, the seventh's for me

You told us the same thing much later I know
On the mountain, in the desert many ages ago
The ground shook and trembled the mount filled with smoke
The trumpet blew, the multitude heard what You spoke

Then you wrote those WORDs on two tables of stone
Moses wrote them so you told him cut two of your own
but Your hand engraven the WORDs were Your own
I am YHVH, work six days, the seventh's my own

So Father? Was it changed? It's hard to believe?
Becasue You hallowed the Sabbath day for all eternity!
When You finished Creation and Adam and Eve
You said in six days shall work be done, the seventh's for me

So When, if You changed it, did You let us know?
Who heard You? Who wrote it, To whom can we go?
The Perfect One, Your only Son, who makes white as snow
But He kept the Sabbath day as You, Father, know

And Father, it's really hard for me to believe
that Your son wouldn't know what day we should keep
He's the gentle shepherd who knows where to lead
and If He kept the Sabbath day, that's all we should need,

Credit to: Assembly of YHWH, 7th Day in Cisco, Texas USA (I am not affiliated with this org.)



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